2011 Toyota Prius


Odometer 173,086
Transmission Automatic
Trim Two
Drivetrain FWD
Engine 1.8L I-4 EFI DOHC Hybrid
Fuel Type Hybrid
Year 2011
Make Toyota
Model Prius
Color Black

Vehicle details

Body Damage
See Photos. Dinged throughout vehicle – Dents / dings. Chipped and Scratched throughout vehicle

Left Front: Broken and Misaligned Bumper – Bumper clips. Trim/Accessory Damage on Door

Major Body Damage
See Body Damage disclosure
Lights Damaged/Cracked
See Photos. Left Front: Broken and Loose Side Mirror Casings

Right Front: Faded Head Lamp; Condensation in Head Lamp – Both headlights

Previous Repair
Front: Paint Work on Bumper, Fender and Hood

Paint Meter Readings
Low Value 2.5
High Value 4

Coolant Level Issue
Low Level

Check Engine Light

Code 1: P0300
Code 2: P0301
Code 3: P0302
Code 4: P0A80
Code 5: P148F

Seat Damage
See Photos. Stained/Soiled Seat Assembly – See interior photos

Climate Control Not Working
See Photos. Air Blows But Does Not Blow Cold on Air Conditioner/Heater

Tire Measurements
Front Right Tire: 5/32″
Front Left Tire: 6/32″
Back Left Tire: 4/32″
Back Right Tire: 3/32″