• All vehicles are sold AS-IS.
  • Prices are Firm.
  • No Warranty, None of the wholesale vehicles that we sell come with a warranty.
  • Vehicle titles may take up to 90 days to arrive.
  • To hold the vehicle for 30 days, we need 75% down.
  • Yes, you can send your own mechanic to do a inspection.
  • Yes, you can pick the towing company and we will work with them.

If you are 2 miles away or on the other side of the country, we will work with your delivery driver to ensure an easy process. > Most of our customers are people looking for the best deal on a car for themselves or to re-sell. We are in Scottsdale, Arizona and our vehicles are known for having less rust than other states due to our dry weather. Here at Ricks Repos, we carry all types of wholesale vehicles and have a Huge Selection of cars trucks and SUV’s for you to choose from. Do you have more questions? No problem, Give us a Call or Text.

When in doubt, use a mobile mechanic to do an inspection on the car you plan on buying. We do not try to hide anything. There are many mechanics that will do an inspection and for many purchasing a wholesale car or pickup truck this will give them peace of mind. Many car repair shops in the area have visited our wholesale dealership on behalf of many previous customers but we do not want the liability of choosing one.

Disclosure: We do not recondition the repo vehicles, we do not have mechanics on staff, wholesale cars and pickup trucks are sold As-Is.