2012 Ram 2500


VIN: 3C6TD4CL9CG163512
Transmission: Automatic
Trim: ST
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 6.7L I-6 FI TDsl HO
Fuel Type: Diesel
Year: 2012
Make: Ram
Model: 2500
Color: Gray

Vehicle details

Body Damage
Front: Dented Bumper and Hood

Left Front: Dented Door. Broken Side Mirror Casings

Left Rear: Dented Bedside. Dinged Cab Corner and Door

Rear: Dented Bumper, Tailgate and Truck Bed. Missing Trim. Torn Truck Bed

Right Rear: Dented Bedside, Cab Corner, Door and Outer Rocker Panel

Right Front: Dented Door. Scratched Fender

Roof: Dented Roof
Major Body Damage
See Body Damage disclosure
Aftermarket Parts – Exterior
Rear: Aftermarket Part on 5th wheel hitch

Paint Meter Readings:
Low Value 4
High Value 6
Check Engine Light
TPMS Light

Code 1: P2169
Code 2: P2270
Code 3: P22B5
Code 4: P2196
Code 5: P2270
Code 6: P241A
Code 7: P22B5
Code 8: P2BAC

Incomplete Readiness Monitors:
Monitor 1: Nox Treat Mon.

Seat Damage:
Stained/Soiled and Torn Seat Cushion; Burned Marks on Seat Cushion
Headliner Damage
Stained/Soiled Headliner

Interior Trim Damage:
Worn Armrest

Damaged Wheels:

Tire Measurements:
Front Right Tire: 6/32″
Front Left Tire: 6/32″
Back Left Tire: 6/32″
Back Right Tire: 6/32″