2009 Nissan Rogue S


VIN: JN8AS58T69W051883
Odometer: 234,732
Trim: S
Drivetrain: FWD
Engine: 2.5L I-4 MPI DOHC
Fuel Type: Gas
Year: 2009
Make: Nissan
Model: Rogue
Color: White

Vehicle details

Body Damage
Front: Loose and Scratched Bumper. Dented Hood – Multiple

Left Front: Chipped, Dinged and Torn Door

Left Rear: Dented Quarter Panel

Rear: Dented, Loose and Scratched Bumper/tailgate

Right Rear: Dinged and Scratched Quarter/door

Right Front: Chipped and Dinged Door

Roof: Dented Roof – Multiple big dents

Moderate Body Damage:
See Body Damage disclosure

Glass Damaged/Cracked:
Front: Chipped Windshield

Previous Repair:
Rear: Paint Work on Bumper

Paint Meter Readings:
Low Value 2.5
High Value 3.5

Engine Accessory Issue:
Listen to amp sound file

Oil Level Issue:
Low Level
Oil Condition Issue
Dark Color

Coolant Level Issue:
Low Level

Suspension Issue
Clunking noise

Airbag Light:

Incomplete Readiness Monitors:
Monitor 1: Evap System Mon.

Seat Damage:
Stained/Soiled Armrest

Interior Trim Damage:
Torn and Worn Steering Wheel. Worn Console. Worn Buttons. Scratched Door Panel. Loose Driver door latch. Loose Door Handle

Damaged Wheels:

Damaged Tires:

Mismatched Tires:

Tire Measurements:
Front Right Tire: 5/32″
Front Left Tire: 5/32″
Back Left Tire: 4/32″
Back Right Tire: 4/32″