2006 Dodge Durango


VIN: 1D4HD58226F180049
Odometer: 226,398
Trim: Adventurer 4D SUV RWD
Drivetrain: RWD
Fuel Type: Gas
Year: 2006
Make: Dodge
Model: Durango
Color: Black

Vehicle details

Engine Problem: Internal Engine Noise

Transmission Issue
OBDII codes present, see photos

Body Damage
Front: Cracked Lights. Broken, Dinged and Scratched Bumper; Bumper – Scratches throughout. Cracked and Scratched Hood; Hood – Surface rust

Left Front: Dented and Worn Fender

Left Rear: Dinged Door

Rear: Cracked, Dented and Scratched Bumper

Right Rear: Scratched Quarter Panel. Dinged, Punctured and Scratched Door

Right Front: Dinged and Scratched Door. A-Pillar – Gunk

Roof: Broken Sunroof; Sunroof – Sunroof tapped closed

Moderate Body Damage:
See Body Damage disclosure

Glass Damaged/Cracked:
Front: Chipped and Cracked Windshield
Surface Rust
Left Front: Surface Rust on Fender

Left Rear: Surface Rust on Door

Right Rear: Surface Rust on Quarter Panel

Previous Repair:
Front: Paint Work on Grille

Paint Meter Readings:
Low Value 1.9
High Value 8
Excessive Exhaust Noise

Engine Accessory Issue: N/A

Coolant Level Issue:
Unable to Report
TPMS Light

Code 1: P0700
Code 2: p0562
Code 3: P1684
Code 4: B1b2f
Code 5: B1b2b
Code 6: B1b0f
Code 7: B1b07
Code 8: B1b0b
Code 9: B1b03
Code 10: B210d
Code 11: U1414
Code 12: U0141
Code 13: U0154
Code 14: U0019
Code 15: B1206
Code 16: U0200
Code 17: B212d
Code 18: B1ba6
Code 19: B223d

Incomplete Readiness Monitors:
Monitor 1: Catalyst Mon.
Monitor 2: Evap System Mon.
Monitor 3: Oxygen Sens Mon.
Monitor 4: EGR/VVT Sys Mon.

Seat Damage:
Missing, Scuffed and Worn Seat Assembly. Scuffed and Worn Door Panel
Headliner Damage
Stained/Soiled Headliner

Interior Trim Damage:
Scratched Dash/Instrument Panel
Leather or Leather Type Seats

Damaged Wheels: N/A

Tire Measurements:
Front Right Tire: 9/32″
Front Left Tire: 9/32″
Back Left Tire: 9/32″
Back Right Tire: 9/32″