2008 Chevrolet Tahoe


VIN 1GNFC13098R164087
Odometer 183,294
Transmission Automatic
Trim LT
Drivetrain 4X2
Engine 5.3L V8 SFI Flex
Fuel Type Flex
Year 2008
Make Chevrolet
Model Tahoe
Color Gold

Vehicle details

Body Damage
See Photos. Chipped, Paint/Clear Coat Damage and Scratched throughout vehicle – Scratches,scuffs,rock chips,clear coat damage multiple panels

Front: Chipped and Scratched Bumper – Bumper,hood

Left Front: Oxidation and Paint/Clear Coat Damage on Trim

Left Rear: Dinged Door

Rear: Misaligned, Punctured and Scratched Bumper; Paint/Clear Coat Damage on Bumper

Right Front: Oxidation and Paint/Clear Coat Damage on Trim

Roof: Paint/Clear Coat Damage on Roof

Moderate Body Damage
See Body Damage disclosure
Glass Damaged/Cracked
See Photos. Front: Chipped and Cracked Windshield
Lights Damaged/Cracked
See Photos. Front: Faded and Scratched Lights

Paint Meter Readings
Low Value 4.94
High Value 5.11
Engine Accessory Issue
Refer to amp audio
Actively Dripping Oil Leak

Check Engine Light
See codes

Airbag Light

Brake/ABS Light

Traction Control Light

Other Warning Light
Oil change light on

Code 1: P0455
Code 2: P0461
Code 3: P0463
Code 4: P0521
Code 5: P069e
Code 6: P0573
Code 7: P0724
Code 8: C0045

Seat Damage
See Photos. Stained/Soiled, Torn and Worn Seat Cushion – 3rd row seat missing. Inoperable Seat Controls on Seat Assembly

Carpet Damage
See Photos. Scuffed, Stained/Soiled and Torn Carpet; Worn Through on Carpet

Dash/Instrument Panel Damage
See Photos. Broken, Cracked, Scratched and Stained/Soiled Dash/Instrument Panel

Headliner Damage
See Photos. Scuffed and Stained/Soiled Headliner

Interior Trim Damage
See Photos. Worn Buttons. Torn Steering Wheel. Broken, Loose, Punctured, Scratched, Stained/Soiled and Worn Door Panel. Missing Air Conditioner/Heater – Rear ac controls missing. Torn and Worn Armrest
Interior Odor
Electronics Issue
See Photos. Inoperable Switches – Door locks / left rear window switch not functional. Malfunctioning on CD player

Leather or Leather Type Seats

Aftermarket Rims / Tires

Damaged Wheels
See pictures / center cap missing
Incorrectly Sized Tires

Damaged Tires
Dry rot / side walls cracking
Uneven Tread Wear

Tire Measurements
Front Right Tire: 15/32″
Front Left Tire: 16/32″
Back Left Tire: 15/32″
Back Right Tire: 10/32″